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michelle benjamin trio

Christmas Eve Music @ Maddens!

Steve Gravett & Chris Whitewood will be playing at Madden’s Commercial Hotel!

A great way to catch up with friends & get into party mode :)

Welcome to Camperdown Cruise 2013!

Friday 11.30 am  Shot down from sugar town

Friday 6.00 pm  Johnny Cash Tribute

Saturday 11.30 am  West Texas Crude

Saturday 6.00 pm  Rock-A-Dees

Sunday 11.30 am  The Hi-Boys

Program subject to change. Great meals available.

Check out the fancy foot work – youtube clip here:

Rockabilly Session Friday 25th October 2013 @ Maddens Hotel


Janell gets rock-a-billy fashion down to a T – our very own Marilyn, fantastic!

On a lighter note…

I purchased some new lights in the form of acrylic chandeliers to add sparkle to the foyer from the same suppliers that I sourced the big red lights in the gaming room.

When I picked up the lights I believed the boxes they came in weren’t quite right, the salesman assured me I was getting what I had ordered, explaining they were in a flat pack and would expand when I took them out of the box. I thought fair enough, they must be like a squeezebox, or those interconnecting springs that run down stairs.

The instant Pip opened the boxes instant LOL. Not from Pip but some underprivileged child of ten from the subcontinent who had escaped the tedious, mind numbing, outrageously frustrating job of assembling the twelve rings and hundreds if not thousands of shiny translucent acrylic crystal connectors. My absolute gratitude to Deb Cheslett, with endless patience she has put some order into the chaos and the jigsaw light has taken shape.

If I have the good fortune to meet the salesman that sold me the lights, I would be tempted to show him the Colac flat pack, a four by two of kiln dried hardwood applied to his cranium.

Huge thank you Deb! Let there be light :) Cheers, Dennis Madden

After launching Madden’s Murray Challenger at the boat ramp below the weir at Lake Mullwalla we were swept through the Barmah Forrest to Echuca a distance of 288 kilometers.

Twelve blokes in six small boats undertook the adventure covering the journey in a week camping out on the banks of the Murray but not without visiting a few local watering holes at Cohuna, Tocumal, Barham.

It was a fantastic trip as the Murray was in full flood the water being released as part of an environmental flow. It was great as the water was from bank to bank, we were literally stepping out of our boats on to the grassy banks of the river.

As we approached Echuca we had to scramble up the bank to set up camp, the river was rising by one foot a day as the water made it’s way down river. The Murray River is truly an iconic Australian destination. The group look forward to continuing the saga starting at Echuca and heading down river possibly to Mildura.

Pip Robertson and myself attended the Gaming Expo in Sydney to see the latest gaming machines on offer. The new games are fantastic, bigger screens, sensational graphics, many of the machines have interactive touch screens. The features, jackpots, free spins are all more exciting than the current generation of machines.

At the Commercial we have started upgrading our machines with six changes scheduled at the end of September, we will be introducing new machines throughout 2014 for your enjoyment and hope to continue to provide the latest games in Camperdown so you don’t have to travel outside the area to experience the enjoyment of these new entertaining games.

When in Sydney I choose to stay at McMahon’s Point North Sydney which I trust wasn’t named after Australian Prime Minister Billy McMahon, for he never managed to make one. The accommodation was at Harbour Side Apartments which are right on the water and within fifty meters from the ferry terminal. The apartments have unrestricted views of the Bridge, Opera House, Luna Park and Kirrabilli House… so you get too see a couple of clowns for the price of one. It’s not the Hyatt, nor is it ridiculously inexpensive, but it is in a fabulous quiet location and the second stop from Circular Quay.

You will have noticed that the hotels foyer has been upgraded so it blends in with the gaming room, it’s not finished yet so don’t be too critical, the darker colours have caused some concern with the fashion police, but we are confident that when we tweak the lighting and introduce what I believe is a fantastic connection to Camperdown’s heritage, the foyer will be an attractive upgrade to the hotel.


Have a great weekend, cheers, Dennis

$330 Community Donation

Maddens Hotel, as part of our Community Fundraising efforts, matched Patrons donation box dollars making a total of $330 and directed it towards Di McMillen to assist her recovery after the recent fire.

We wish Di all the very best and thank our Patrons for their contribution.

It’s the people that make the difference :)

Dennis Madden

The Make a Wish Foundation has granted over seven thousand wishes to very sick children throughout Australia. They have fifty seven branches and rely heavily on volunteers. If you would like to volunteer or donate (it’s tax deductible) please visit: or call 1800 032 260 for further information.

This arrived in the mail today and reminded us of a great night shared.

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